The Barton Block – Millikan Phase I & II

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Primary category: Housing
Specialty: Mixed- Use & Multi-family
Client: Insight / IHA
Cost: $19,500,000
Size: 159,627 SF

This project is the product of the nonprofit arm of the Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA), Insight Development Corporation (Insight). Millikan on Mass carries out the mission of the Insight by creating partnerships to develop, support, and enhance the urban fabric of the com- munity. Developing quality, affordable housing is Insight’s and IHA’s primary goal.

RGC served as the interior designer and construction administrator of this two phased, mixed- use development where-in Ratio served as the Architect of Record

Phase I of the project consisted of a 68,060 square foot structure with 4,193 square feet of retail space at $8,600,000, while Phase II of the project consists of 91,567 square foot of structure with 14,314 square feet of retail at $10,900,000.

  • Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority – Urban Housing Award, 2016
  • Monumental Affair Award, Neighborhood Revitalization – Achievement Award, 2016
  • Monumental Affair Award, Real Estate Development – Honor Award, 2016
  • Indiana Apartments Association, Prodigy Awards , 2011