Purdue University - Duhme Hall

West Lafayette, IN, USA

Primary category: Education
Specialty: Residential / renovation
Client: Purdue University
Cost: $7,500,000
Size: 50,000 SF

Duhme Hall was the second phase of the five –phase renovation of Windsor Residence Halls
at Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus. Duhme Hall, which opened in 1935
as South Hall, was the first hall constructed and was Purdue’s first residence hall for women.
South Hall was the Purdue home of Amelia Earhart, who served as a women’s careers counselor shortly before her around-the-world flight. Another notable resident of the hall included astronaut Janice Voss Ford.
The design focused on highlighting the building’s historic features through updated finishes, while providing improved accessibility and modernized HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.

The building’s original historic lighting was restored, and all the oak and poplar woodwork was refinished. The living room features bookcases and a stone fireplace surrounded by newly reupholstered furniture. The existing dining room was renovated for Housing and Food Services’ marketing department, but retained its original slate flooring, colonnade, stone fireplace and woodwork. The Duhme Hall reading room is dedicated to Amelia Earhart and displays custom wall installations featuring Earhart’s inspiring quotes and items from Purdue’s Earhart collection. The basement of Duhme Hall was updated to incorporate a more modern look and includes a television lounge, study rooms, vending area, music room, and one of the complex’s two laundry rooms. A deep red and earthy pale yellow palette gives Duhme Hall’s basement a new aesthetic.