Union Station

Indianapolis, IN USA

Primary category: Commercial
Specialty: Office / Renovation
Client: A2SO4
Cost: $1,500,000
Size: 120,000 SF

The shared corporate offices of A2SO4 and R.W. Armstrong occupied Union Station in November of 2003 after a portion of the train platform and shed were extensively renovated to update the space into a modern workplace.

R.W Armstrong selected Union Station for their corporate headquarters and commissioned A2SO4 to design the renovations. The office was designed to house all 120 employees in a 120,000 square foot space. A palette of soft greens, oranges, violets, and browns create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

The historic building is complimented with a contemporary interior that serves as an expression of both the shared vision and unique characteristics of the two firms. Curved walls and translucent panels were designed to match the steel columns that support the sawtooth shaped roof. Large office pods were created to accommodate and organize a growing team of designers. Together, these elements create layers of color and texture throughout the workspace.

  • NOMA Honor Award , 2004
  • Monumental Affair Award, Downtown Development – Merit Award, 2004
  • Monumental Affair Award, Interior Design – Honor Award, 2004