Studio Midwest

Indianapolis, IN USA

Primary category: Commercial
Specialty: Office
Client: Third Day Investments, LLC
Cost: $1,000,000
Size: 7,500 SF

Studio Midwest photography is a privately owned photography studio located in Indianapolis. The owner and operator wanted a new facility that would echo the creativity she expresses in her photography. Since the client’s profession is based on aesthetics, it was very important that the studio look how she had envisioned it.

RG Collaborative tailored the design to around a specific concept that the client helped develop. The building was also equipped with a production kitchen, lounge and two studios that are readily rentable to the public.

The client required an ICONIC building early in this project. As with most projects, the budget was tight and was made more difficult by major site development costs. Early in the design process, working closely with the Construction Manager, it was determined that a few major material directions were required. The structure would need to be a pre-cast concrete panel and heavy steel roof and structure. We took advantage of the bold expressive panels and used this as a strong “pop art” super-graphic façade. The main entry façade, painted in shades of earth, features a sloping galvanized steel brise-soleil supported with two fallen trees. These expressive features combined to give the client the spectacular entry and studio they desired. All major openings are floor-to-sky glass walls articulated in a Mondrian character. The north-facing daylight studio features a 25’ 0” glass wall that overlooks the woods and offers the studio a unique photographic / lighting option. The south side has a wood deck hanging out into the ravine. The “pop art” wall materials selected appear as a forest of leaves and shadows camouflaging the wooded side of the facility.

  • AIA Indianapolis - Award of Merit, 2007